BLASS...Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al recorrer.
 Welcome to Playa Gigante's high season and the beginning of the festivities. December here at Gigante Bay brings in the busy season and the winds, as well as some gentle waves, perfect for beginners. Those offshores are incredibly strong, but at least the rain has tapered off. We’ve got different fish occupying our waters. The fishing charters have started coming ashore with mackerel, as the dorado's are bidding their farewell. This Saturday night we have the Full Moon Party, so get ready for a night of extremity with DJ's taking over the Crobar and not a spare bed in the house. The people have started arriving, and we're offering non-stop rappelling, horse riding tours and fishing tours, and don’t forget $10 Tuesday's Sunset Sails. This place is more alive now than ever.

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sepa-g- After spending three months touring around different islands in Nicaragua, I felt like I was ready to explore a different part of the country, so I decided to head back to the Pacific Ocean. Several people had lovely things to say about Playa Gigante, so I decided to see for myself by making my way to this sweet fisherman's village. The locals said that there were many places to stay, but I ended up making my way down to the end of...Read More
i-am-in-love-with-coconutIn times where you can get everything more or less everywhere it is hard to figure out what you really need. Here in Gigante I found a lot of my needs, like the sun everyday, the blue view on the ocean, chilled out music and nice people. But I also found something I do not want to miss again in my daily life. Organic Coconut Oil! First I bought it because my body lotion was gone....Read More
boozecruiseAs we arrived on the catamaran from the small fish boat taxi, we got our first welcoming drink of pirate juice right away. This would not be the last welcoming drink on this cruise I would experience later on. I settled down in the front of the boat - spreading my legs out in a position that radiates the energy of vacation. I took a look around me; the endless ocean that seemed to calmly rock...Read More